Empower and Evolve


The completion of another Inner Wheel year is an ideal opportunity to reflect on our contribution towards the protection and promotion of those important Objects of our great organisation.
 On behalf of all Inner Wheel members I would like to express thanks to IPP Dr Kapila Gupta for the immense good she has achieved for our wonderful organisation during her presidential year.
For our new Inner Wheel year, my wish for every individual member, where we now look to Empower and Evolve, is that we:
*Educate ourselves about Inner Wheel's past, honouring our rich history and, using this knowledge and experience, make our mark and forge Inner Wheel's future.
*Participate fully in the life of our Clubs. 
*Remember the excitement and honour we individually felt to have been extended that invitation to join Inner Wheel - and pass the experience of that invitation forward to invite someone new into the Inner Wheel family.
*Explore IW beyond our individual Clubs. It is there that we can experience much more of Inner Wheel in its complete diversity, its unambiguous warmth and all its potential.
*Continue to vigorously promote and represent Inner Wheel. As wonderful and worthwhile as we know our organisation to be, the reality is that, sadly, it remains the world's best kept secret. A positive and motivated member is the best advertisement.
*Work proudly beside all other service Clubs, showing that members of Inner Wheel  are working cooperatively for the benefit of communities across the world.
And when we work together as members of IW, friendships and other benefits come.  
May the many blessings of Inner Wheel remain with us all.
Chris Kirby 


IIW President 2018-19


Chris Kirby

Born and raised in Sydney.

Chris met her husband Rob when they were both enrolled in law at Sydney Uni. They have been married for 40 years. In between having children, Chris completed her degree majoring in Sociology and Politics.

She has 4 terrific children -2 of each and 4 divine, but exhausting grandchildren.

Her journey to International Inner Wheel (IIW) really commenced in 2006 when she attended the IIW Convention in Christchurch. She worked together with other members within Australia to produce the very successful proposal that was presented at the Istanbul Convention some 6 years later, opening the membership parameters to this great organisation. No longer did a member have to be affiliated with Rotary and this proposal has helped grow the organisation it is today.