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Fig. 1 Modern IT Driven Classroom
The classroom must be a place that supports both the traditional form of learning and e-learning as well as a flexible space that can accommodate different types of instructions. Unlike traditional rooms where blackboards were the focal point, an IT driven classroom has to accommodate different types of projections and displays that instructors use during their courses. This form of learning does not support students sitting at individual desks and poring over their own individual assignments. Instead sitting arrangement supports collaborative opportunities. However, the setting must still be flexible enough to be used for standard, paper-based testing when needed. This will help keep costs down and allow classrooms to be used for a variety of functions. Desks, chairs, computers, monitors, and keyboards are positioned in a way that allows the teacher to teach in either a traditional or computer based mode.
IT Tools
The equipment required for this form of lecture delivery includes low-level technologies such as overhead projectors, televisions, and video cassette recorders at the least so as to focus students on specific subject matters.
These technologies are used to project texts, equations, graphics and pictures. The combination of visual learning software and low-end technologies enhances learning. Figure 2 shows a "virtual manipulative" software that may be used by teachers to understand the relationships between fractions, percentages and decimals. This figure also illustrates the use of low visual projectors and simulation software in teaching. Teachers can draw on a variety of technologies and use them as resources to deepen students' learning.

Fig. 2 "Virtual Manipulative" Software Display

IT tools enable teachers to engage students in problem solving, collaboration and analysis as well as in skill acquisition. IT tools enable Teachers bring the real world into the classroom, and the classroom into the real world as shown in figures 3-4. Teachers are able touse curriculum that integrates technology for more powerful learning.


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