Women For Africa 2012

Women for africa

Dear Co-ordinator Yemisi and members,
I send my very best wishes to everyone attending this inaugural meeting for “Women for Africa”.
Congratulations those ladies who have had the vision and the courage to organize such an ambitious event.
I have read your programme and know that with the inspirational topics and high quality speakers that are on your programme you will have a wonderful gathering and you will be totally enthused and energized by your time together.
Please accept my apologies that I am not with you but please know that I will be thinking about you and I am looking forward to receiving reports after your meetings.
In friendship


IIW President 2012 – 2013

I welcome you all to the first edition of WOMEN FOR AFRICA, THE ROLE OF INNER WHEEL 2020. This is the first time we are having it in Africa and we are privileged to host it here in Nigeria.
We are not just going to sit and listen but we want the lectures to go beyond this place. We should go back to our various locations and implement what we are taught especially the talk on SOLAR ENERGY i.e. the Connect Project which is in collaboration with IWC of Finland.
The able Coordinator of this Programme PBD Yemisi Alatise will talk more on this in her Welcome Address. I want to use this opportunity to appreciate PBD Alatise who worked and still working tirelessly to make sure this Programme is successful. I also thank DC Taiwo Adisa, IPDC Julie Shekoni and all committee members include Secretaries of Sessions and Moderators. I appreciate all our Foreign Guests and the Speakers.
Thank you my sweet IW Sisters from all over the country for your contributions. I want us to relax and enjoy ourselves while we purpose in our hearts to go back and implement what we learned here. Thank you and God bless you all. I remain your friend.


Grace Abosede Adekoya (JP)
National Rep/President,
National Governing Body of Inner Wheel Clubs in Nigeria 2012/2013


Dr Bakky Ngozi Adirika is a Nigerian from Anambra State. She is an academic and researcher working at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She holds a Doctoral degree in Curriculum studies, A master degree in Educational Administration and Planning, and a Bachelor degree in Education (language). She has over 40 research article, has held many administrative and leadership positions locally, nationally and internationally. She is a chief and Lady Knight of the Church. Her profile in Inner Wheel is significant and motivate younger members to selfless services. She is married, has five grown children and seven grandchildren.


The journey of the seminar took its step in Finland. It has taken several steps after that and its stepping in Africa through Lagos. It is a great privilege to be part of history. Exchanging notes and letters through friendship has brought us far. The world is at finger tips and knowledge is just as near as another click. Reading through the first seminar paper sent to me by Hannele in year 2009, I was challenged to put up a similar programme in Lagos. How to go about it was another challenge. We started the planning between us, members that attended the Seminar at a lunch table in Turin. Committees were formed and we started planning.
The Seminar for Micro-Credit and Empowerment for the 15th IIW Convention in Istanbul was anchored with my paper and also gave a summary to the general assembly. We are expecting a joint programme on Micro Credit which is still at discussion stage with Sister Clubs in United States of America. We came with flyers and invitation to the Convention in Istanbul. On the last day of the Convention President Catherine Refabert announced that organizing Seminar around the continent is now a project. “Women for Europe” is to be replicated around the world. Here we are in Lagos for “Women for Africa” – Role of Inner Wheel.
We were a step ahead in our vision and glad the dream is a reality today. It’s a challenged conquered by determination to succeed. Just like how Hannele is tagged with Women for Europe in Finland, Luisa tagged with it in Italy. I have also been tagged with it in Lagos.
The concern of helping ourselves through dialogue enlightens and broadens our horizon. We get more educated and we are able to help the less educated in our community. Related problem in our environment is unfathomed in civilised society. Problem divers from community to community so also are needs.
Exchanging views is proving to be a solution from the have to have not’s. I hope the discussion on all topics will open our minds and also help others through our awareness programmes and counselling.

Members give practical support as well as financial help whenever there is a crisis, whether this occurs locally, nationally or internationally

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