District 914 projects

District 914 Projects

Discharge and Payment of hospital bill of One hundred thousand naira (N100,000) for a patient who was abandoned at the General Hospital, Okigwe, Imo State by the DC accompanied by Inner Wheel Members of Okigwe Club.

Innerwheel Club of Awka created awareness on rape and personal hygiene to secondary school students in Awka metropolis.

Presentation of gifts, cash and wrappers to indigent widows at Okigwe by the DC support by the Okigwe Club Members.

Umungasi Club: Empowerment of widows with cash by the Club President during the DC’s visit to Aba supported by other Club Members.

Presentation of over 100 sanitary packs to female students at Abakaliki followed by Health Talk/Education on personal hygiene, prevention of rape and prevention of teenage pregnancy to more than 100 students of girl schools in Abakaliki Urban.

Sensitization and awareness on rape by Awka Club to secondary school girls at the Awka metropolis during the District Chairman’s visit. Over 100 students were reached and sanitary packs were presented to them.

Innerwheel Clubs in Aba visited the SDA Motherless Babies Home during the International Inner Wheel Day and presented items to the children of the home.

Commissioning of Inner Wheel Club of Abakaliki Project by the DC. Presentation of sanitary packs and talks on health education and personal hygiene, etc. to more than 100 students.

Aba Club: Empowerment/payment of school fees for the girl child the Club has been training in school since JSS 1. This was during the DC visit to Aba

The DC empowered inmates of 6 Nigerian Correctional Centres (Prisons) with equipments worth over one million naira (N1,000,000). These equipments are provided for inmates who have been trained and are skilled on various vocations during their stay in prisons. Most of them who are soon to be discharged are given these items to start their businesses when the leave the centres. Some of the items provided include 8 sewing machines, 8 camp gas cylinders, standing hair dryers, many cooking pots, basins, frying pans, etc.

Abakaliki Central Club Free Medical outreach : The Inner Wheel Club of Abakaliki Central carried out a free medical outreach where they reached a lot of people including pregnant women, aged , adolescent and others where a lot of drugs where distributed. They also carried out some test like blood pressure check, malaria, blood sugar, etc. health education talks were also given on good nutrition and the importance of regular medical check-ups.. they were supported by doctors and nurses.